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About Us 


Meet The Babacorn-Bricks Team!

Babacorn-Bricks is a small family run business specialising in unique LEGO®  gifts and collectables, started by myself Becki and my 3 sons, Rayph, Oskar and Pip in 2018.


After losing my husband (and the boys dad) Paul to cancer, we have spent the last few years gradually adding to his already huge LEGO® collection (Paul was a MEGA LEGO® fan!) Searching for new and exciting Minifigures, Building up Pauls LEGO®  City and always looking for unique items of all sorts!


Whilst on holiday last year, we came across a market selling copy Minifigures, they were selling like hot cakes and it didn't sit right with us that they were fakes.  That's when we together came up with the idea of selling genuine Lego Minifigures at affordable prices.  I added some brick themed stickers, sticky brick tape, LEGO® accessories, all gift beautifully gift wrapped in a cute keepsake bag - and the Minifigure Surprise was born!   We opened our eBay shop Babacorn-Bricks last year 2018 specialising in party bag fillers, Filled party bags, Wedding favours, Pass the Parcel and collectable Minifigures.

Early this year we decided we wanted our own website - our own little shop, and so here we are! Babacorn-Bricks.com.  Then came the idea of a subscription box for brick lovers! We researched it, couldn't find much similar especially in the UK, and after lots more research, a bit of being brave, a lot of getting confused building websites - here we are and ready with the launch of the Babacorn-Bricks Box!